Plantation of fruit trees

Plantation of fruit trees

In 2020 FDH Colombia distributed 660 food boxes to the community of Marquetalia. As this effort comes to end in 2021 we try follow up with a sustainable fruit supply for the future. As a result, we provide and plant fruit trees on our land and on the land of the families in Marquetalia.


As the fruit trees grow and flourish, the fruit supply will increase over time. Giving the families healthy nutrition alternatives. The final tree count will be as follows:

  • 60 Red Guava
  • 60 Medlar trees
  • 60 Guanábana trees
  • 60 Mango trees


In January 2021 we planted the first 60 trees with the support of the GEA.

How you can help

If you have knowledge of agriculture, we would be very pleased to have a discussion on how we can improve the project. You are also welcome to contribute with a donation in favor of this project.