Garden for everyone

Garden for everyone

Knowledge about agriculture is rare among the people of Marquetalia. Therefore the people are not self-sufficient and heavily dependant on the instable economic environment around Palomino. The situation got very critical during the COVID-19 pandemic as the region’s main source of income is tourism.

In order to change the situation we teamed up with various experts in agriculture to educate the children in the topic. Furthermore, we planted young plants together with the kids so that they can learn about the process. Our foundation provides a gardening space for everyone who is willing to learn and contribute.


We aim to educate the next generation of Marquetalia in agriculture. Ideally our garden for everyone grows and provides vegetables for the local people. We hope that the children will spread this knowledge among their parents and start to bring the seeds of the plants to their homes.


In January 2021 we started to create the space for the plants and the ground was filled with fertile soil.

How you can help

If you have knowledge in agriculture, we would be very pleased to have a discussion on how we can improve the project. You are also welcome to contribute with a donation in favour of this project.