COVID19 – Adopt a Colombian family [COMPLETED]

COVID19 – Adopt a Colombian family [COMPLETED]

Following mandatory confinement ordered by the Colombian Government, our Foundation suspended its educational and sport activities on the 22nd of March. The effort has shifted to food supply as hunger is becoming critical.

With the pandemic, poverty levels strained by a two-year inflow of desolated Venezuelan immigrants has turned to a critical point as the halt in tourism eliminated the only economic activity of the village. The lack of income, coupled with the mandatory confinement, is leading to shortages of food supplies.

About sixty families are still in absolute necessity. To help address this crisis our employee Diomedes Sanguino and his wife are committed to source food in the nearby city of Santa Marta (80kms) and deliver a bag of basic staples to 60 households every fortnight (i.e. rice, beans, lentils, oil, milk powder, salt, sugar, soap etc).

Protective masks were also distributed to this vulnerable population in order to prevent a spread of the current COVID-19 pandemics (see news section for more details).

Since the 1st of September, thank to multiple sports and fashion activities organized by the Belgian association AMA, we are trying to collect additional funds in order to continue the food delivery from October to December 2020.

We also need your help to finance the following deliveries from October to December 2020 and invite you to consider ‘adopting a family’ for 3 months. The two monthly deliveries cost 26€ per month per family (including transport cost to source and delivery). You can help by making a 26€ contribution per month for three months or a global contribution of 78€.

The delivery costs were reduced to 26€ per month thanks to the contribution of the Colombian army who are supporting us with the transportation and to the special obtained discounts from the providers.
The families and their children will greatly appreciate your generosity and solidarity.