Newsletter 2021

Newsletter 2021

Currently the FDH Colombia has a dedicated room for the toy library where we offer after school acitivites such as languages, sports, volunteering, student committees and collaborations with the children of the neighborhood. Our teacher and the person in charge of the toy library work in this space. The room is equipped with a variety of tools to support the childrens development:
• chairs for 20 people
• children’s educational material
• books for learning English
• didactic material for primary school
• toy library with construction kits
• audiovisual material
• technical and intercommunication toys
• social games and puzzles

Due to our development we have outgrown the space and we are building a new study room “Library and Homework Room” exclusively our teacher and the educational work. There we will install a library to promote daily reading to children. It is worth mentioning that we already have 130 thematic books in Spanish: fables, narrations, stories, among others, most of them donated by St. John’s International School Belgium, which the founder of the social work has been bringing by his own means from Brussels. Besides the books there is didactic material and toys of good quality and safety that was donated from various families in Belgium.
The space will be used again by the 46 children after we had to suspend our activites in this regard due to the restrictions by COVID-19. In the meantime we were using our recources to develop and start our new programm funded by CAN PACK COLOMBIA, aimed at the 16 children with learning disabilities who had dropped out of school. It is worth noting that all the children were able to recover their subjects with the personalized help of the teacher.

The school has two shifts: morning and afternoon. In 2022, the teacher will work in the new classroom in the morning with the children who go to school in the afternoon and vice versa in the afternoon with those who go to school in the morning. They will support them to do homework, improve the methodology of work and new techniques for the achievement of the objectives and a solid education by reading teaining. Children who do not have study problems will be able to spend their time with didactic games in the toy library.

Our infinite gratitude to CAN PACK COLOMBIA, on behalf of the children, parents and teachers of the school for the financing of the project that has allowed 16 children to return to school during the year 2021 and recover all the subjects they had lost.

Environment and ecosystem activities

Garbage collection in the river and on the sidewalk

Huerto para todos

The community is cultivating fruits and vegetables to become self sufficient 🥭  🍌 🥥🥑🍍🍐🍈🍊🍋 🥔 🍆 🍅  🥬🌽🥒🥕🌶

A letter from the school dean