Year End Newsletter 2021

Year End Newsletter 2021

Despite health restrictions, we had the opportunity to travel with our own funds from Brussels to the social work on 4 occasions during 2021, providing clothes, toys and didactic material for the Ludoteca. At the same time, we purchased construction materials and verified the works in progress: construction of the library, renovation of the nursery for children between 0 and 5 years old and expansion of the Ludoteca for young people between 6 and 15 years old.

We are grateful for the support we have received from our chain of friends, without their solidarity, we would not have been able to obtain these achievements for the benefit of these young people of limited resources, whom we are preparing to have a better future.

Donation of A M A de Bélgica

With the difficulties of COVID-19, which still persist, many villagers were left without work and it was impossible for them to buy clothes for their children. We did a solidarity work with AMA*, they collected the clothes donated by Belgian families and we transported them from Brussels on 4 occasions to the social work and delivered them personally to the most needy young people, who were very grateful and happy with the clothes received in January, March, July and November 2021. We also thank the artist Claudia Castillo, who is part of AMA*, for the beautiful mural she did with the children last August at the entrance of the Ludoteca. (*Supports Mothers Helping Mothers)

Donation ‘Femmes d’Europe’ de Bruselas

Femmes d’Europe largely financed the purchase of materials for the renovation of the building to house volunteers, who come mainly from Europe to give English classes to the young people of the social work. A thousand thanks, without this help, it would not have been possible to rebuild this building that was in terrible condition. The work was finished in October 2021.

New Library and Homework Room

The construction started in 2019, the works were suspended, in view of the fact that, the funds we had collected, were used to buy food boxes. With the pandemic many families were without money to buy food. Finally, we were able to buy 700 COVID-19 markets for the poorest families in the village.
Six months ago we were able to continue the construction, the land in the village is complicated because we had to level it and the appropriate machinery comes from elsewhere and it was expensive to bring it. The first phase will be finished in February 2022.

On the other hand, Professor Andrés Tellez from the Dickens School in Ibagué, organized a solidarity campaign on November 16, in which he managed to collect 400 academic textbooks and encyclopedias for the library. Also some school supplies, which we transported in the last road trip from Bogota to the social work and will be distributed in January 2022 to the most disadvantaged children at the beginning of the school year.

Christmas Preparation

Between December 16 and 24 we organized daily Christmas Preparations with the young people of the Ludoteca, they received Christmas gifts and snacks.

Educational Program “Finish your High School” financed by CANPACK Colombia

During the year 2021, we gave priority to the development of the new program “Termina tu Bachillerato”, financed by CANPACK COLOMBIA, aimed at 17 children with learning disabilities who had dropped out of school, belonging to the poorest families in the village.
This educational program will continue in 2022, as these children need to continue their schooling. The socioeconomic factors of their families led them to drop out of school, because they had no school supplies, no space to do homework and no support from their parents due to lack of studies.

Our goal is to forge a better future for them, for which it is essential, a follow-up in education with personalized support, as well as adequate nutrition.

Our infinite gratitude to CANPACK COLOMBIA, on behalf of the children, parents and teachers of the school for the financing of this educational program that has allowed 17 children to return to school during the year 2021 and recover all the subjects they had lost, passing the school year.

Deliveries of Christmas gifts and supplies for the end of the year

FDH made a call to a group of friends for the purchase of 40 Christmas markets, for underprivileged families with children. It is worth noting that with the delivery of the latter we have delivered 700 COVID-19 Markets in this village.

We thank the National Army for the transportation in the military truck from Santa Marta and the logistics to take them by motorcycle to the highest part of the village. To Mr. Diomedes Sanguino, our only employee, who coordinates the actions in the village and distributed them personally to each home.

We want to thank each one of you for your support and solidarity with these boys and girls of the village.

Witnessing their progress in school is the greatest satisfaction that fills us with enthusiasm and optimism to continue with the educational programs and prevent these young people from being condemned to a future without options.

Without your support, none of this would be possible. Infinite thanks and best wishes to you and your families for the year 2022.