Building a self-sustainable food supply for the community of Marquetalia

Join us in our mission to support education of low-income rural children in Colombia



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In 2007, Denis Heilporn, a Belgian citizen, started social work in the area by providing daily meals to children. Sadly, Denis Heilporn passed away in 2009 and Javier Palacio initiated the foundation in his honor, following the request of his mother Andrée Heilporn Marissal. His initiative has grown over the years and today we employ local staff as well as provide the necessary facilities in order to create a perspective for the ones in need. We aim to keep administrative cost to an absolute minimum, donations go directly to the local community of Marquetalia. Javier runs the foundation ad honorem and all efforts in connection with the foundation are fully voluntary. With the generous support of donors we are able to give them access to educational books, toys and basic healthcare.  

  • NURSERY | Children between 0 to 5 years can play in the foundation’s nursery.
  • TUTORING | We provide daily homework support for children with difficulties.
  • BOOKS AND READING SPACE | There is a reading space and children’s books are provided.
  • TOY LIBRARY | Daily activities for children, using games and toys to stimulate physical and mental development as well as social interaction.


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